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I'm an International Business student on the UANL on Monterrey, Mexico. I am 21 years old and I'm looking forward to put some projects standing.

That being said, I'm working on several projects right now and every day a deadline comes closer to me, in which I just cannot see my family living in the situation they are right now. I want to help them I want to solve those problems but I can't do it on my own. I have a very conscious mind, so every step I take I either take the risk and work my best for success or plan everything so all steps are controlled, on both ways I’m not getting freezed or shocked, I know how to handle pressure and I’m capable to come up with a plan on short and long term. I'm working with another person which completes the capacities in which I lack.

(You can Call me Jack btw)

That's why we're starting the next projects:

App Building:
On the university where I study there’s a lack of virtual innovation, they have this platform in which you are supposed to get home works and receive some kind of feedback, but it is immensely slow, it has bugs all over the code and even the teachers have decided to turn their backs on that platform due to its bad performance.

I want to propose a new platform which would be based on a very different aspect. The actual platform is only with the purpose on making the user (Student) to answer tests made by the teacher. I want to propose a platform directed to the user satisfaction: What do the students need? They want to know about the courses, the events around the university, the extracurricular classes and the different possibilities that go around them.
Where can I get the best professor to teach me a specific matter? Also we will supply a way for the teacher to give follow ups to the home works, to recommend the students a determinated lesson or even reward them with virtual badges. The university can also track the people with bad records or even the teachers that behave abnormally.

Investor: All this comes to look fantastic and very good for a university product Jack but where is the money here?

Between the interest of the students are the knowledge of outside courses (The ones that the University does not provide) that is a private company, which will pay for publicitary announcements, also restaurants in the near area, also retailers of books and materials needed for projects, museums, bars, services companies, clothes stores, cellphone retailers the list goes on and on. We provide the capacity to add limited coupons so the clients can make use of it and launch a promo campaign. Also we continuously study the way the user behaves, what he/she likes, what career is he/she from? What is he/she looking at? All this info is getting recorded (Obviously saving the integrity of the user) with the purpose of letting our clients launch campaigns for determinated groups of persons, a certain type of student, depending on the business objective we’ll direct your marketing right in front of them, and we will continuously add material and features for the student to keep looking inside the app, so the traffic only goes up, adding value to the program.

-In order to do this we need-

A designer so I can give a good image for the entire app (I have to choose him/her so I know it has the style I need)
A team of developers since continuously new features will be added to it.

The transmission of the app is ensured, I have a very good position inside the university administration so it is damn easy for me to give a conference and win around 3,000 users the first day.

The size of this university is 150,000 students aprox with a constant increase of 4% each year.

Don’t get it wrong, it starts with this college, but I want to move it outside to other ones too.
Aprox minimum investment: $ 2,000 USD

There's not a house for changing money to bitcoins easily right now on Mexico... yet... but I found out a way to make this happen, to actually own a domain that allows the user to change its money to bitcoins and vice versa.

Investor: Wait right there Jack! First of all, what the heck is a bitcoin?

Here you go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um63OQz3bjo (I did not made the video)

Well yeah we will allow the people to have access to this currency in matter of minutes and teach them exactly how to use them, becoming the first decentralized foreign exchange house for virtual money on the country.

Where do we win? We charge around 2% fee for each transaction, either it goes in or it goes out. This service is being worked with %$#& people which will provide me the platform and the exclusivity, it will be my job to give publicity to this platform and bring people interested in buying bitcoins. It will be my partner’s job to educate the people about the usage of this currency and why it represents a better investment than just letting your money get rotten in a bank account. That for us isn’t such a big deal, lucky for me I'm standing in a position where I can easily design presentations and prepare ideas to be sold to the people, I'll also hit different ideas for the same concept which should let us reach a bigger amount of people.

This is one of the projects where I see a really big growing. The problem? in order to be set up we have to get a minimun capital of $70,000 dollars (Small detail).

So if you’re interested these are not the only projects we have in mind but are the ones that are very likely to be developing in the next 6 months or less and will see the light by then.

We are currently located on Monterrey, Mexico.

Here some contact
Skype: jack.zorola alestrada0
Gmail: jack.business.inv@gmail.com alestrada0@hotmail.com kaizen.mty@gmail.com
Cellphone: +52 818 016 1470 +52 811 561 7816

Avances del proyecto o compañía
We're searching to fund our projects since we have the capacity to make them happen but we need to hire personal and injetc capital to it.
We're also looking for someone with high innovative perspective, who wants to take a shot with us. We will provide whatever info he/she needs in order to feel confident about the project.
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