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8 ° 44’35 .3 “N, 82 ° 58’12 .6″ W, in Finca Copabuena, Valle Azul, Puntarenas, Costa Rica (search this in Google maps or clic in: http://goo.gl/maps/Q7ujb), on the side of the Catholic Church of Santo Domingo of Agua Buena.

This Company managed to develop small projects of agriculture, preserving the original Forest Property, this to provide an income and daily food of the Family.

The Company intends to implement an agro-ecotourism development and Environmentally Friendly Housing in this region, south of Costa Rica.

Family owns the farm, this property was purchased with the intent to having individual space to build the home and the family had to dream, play and grow up healthy, free from the “saturation of Cities and uncontrolled urban development”.


Property in 19ha 8980,16m2 (268ac 37227ft²) promote agroecotourism and Residential Development Environmentally Friendly. Is intended for people who want to invest and want to live part of his life in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, with a pleasant and healthy climate, building a second home where they can learn to live like a “rural live of Costa Rican people.”

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Costa Rica.
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Inversión Angel, Ecorealestate, Organic Agriculture, Financial Development, Inversiones Alternativas, Banca de Inversión, Inversiones.