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Fabio, here:

I'm a professional trader since 2003 (full time) and i'm looking for investors,angels, crowdfunding, to boost my BITCOIN EXPERT ADVISOR project, to the next level.
• Development of Quantitative Trading Software
• System Integration Management of trading algorithms.
• Making determinations based upon the study and analysis of current financial trends and past economic patterns.
• Creating models for trading currencies, commodities and futures based on data, using statistics and a combination of educated speculation and logical analysis to make the best possible investment decisions.
• Study and application of trading techniques; development of discretionary strategies as well as automated algorithms for the futures, commodities and currency markets.

Bitcoin Expert Advisor will be the new way to make money while you sleep, with no risk.
Semi-automated trading model - Artificial intelligence combined to human support 24/7/365
Success is assured using operating systems, strategies and unique algorithms.
Tested and effective system.
Annual return of 30% (without risk) or up to 70% aggressive trading (risk)* on any invested amount

The project is ready to start. I just need to fund it with minimum $ 200.000, but for great results $ 300.000 would be perfect to build the software and run it.

Bitcoin Expert Advisor will trade:

Maximum investment: € 700.000
Minimum investment: € 1.000
No loss of capital if trading without risk (30%)
Return of investment: 12 to 36 months (depend on investment amount)
Profit: +30% up to 70%*

Bitcoin Expert Advisor is 98,7% effective in all Bitcoin Market Conditions and only 1,3% of risk. That means, the risk is very low, to do not say, is close to ZERO%.

This project will not only help, new, small and big investors to make money without effort and without any financial knowledge, but will help people around the world, people inneeds, Institutions and more. This software could be the solution for anyone in our planet to fight and to win the financial world crisis, thanks to the unique artificial intelligence and algorithms that the software work with.

Back test was done with incredible results, that the reason why i can say with all my conviction that Bitcoin Expert Advisor can change many lives.

Here, about me:

Let's help people.
Let's change our economic situation.
Together, we can !!!


Professional Trader Specialized in Bitcoins

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