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FilterFree Concepts’ invention (H20hhh) provides a revolutionary filtration system for residential and commercial central air conditioning and heating systems with a new patented technology that replaces the perennial air filter with a water treatment system that actually washes the air as the air conditioner runs. The air is cleaner, with over 99% of all airborne particulates removed, including, dust, germs, dander, mites, dirt, pet hair and allergens. Because there is no filter to change, there is no filter to clean and replace, in addition to the monthly labor savings, there is significant electricity cost savings (8-10%, according to Waste Management) because dirty filters require greater effort and more energy to intake air. Ironically, the dirtier the filter, the more effective it is in removing particulates from the air as the gaps in filtration material are significantly reduced. Furthermore, 400 million monthly replaceable air filters are added to landfills each year. And, the dirty filters release all the pollutants and contaminates back into the environment once they are dumped in a landfill.

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The Company is in the midst of patenting and protecting its technology. Once patents are secured, the Company will seek manufacturing, distribution or licensing partners. Presently, the Company intends to sell and install several hundred units to establish the market and consumer acceptance. Then, the Company will license its technology to one or more of the leading manufacturers to reduce needed investment in manufacturing, marketing, distribution and other infrastructure. This strategy portends to deliver the quickest and greatest return of investment.
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